Ytherynia: Gifted Blood Academy: Sophomore Year release

Hi everyone,

Apologies to everyone who pre-ordered Ytherynia: Gifted Blood Academy: Sophomore Year. There was a glitch at Amazon that took the book off site and cancelled the pre-orders. The book is back now and here is a link for it. It is .99. Grab a copy. šŸ™‚

The magical island of Ytherynia is home to the greatest magical academy in all the realms. Every student with even a hint of magic would kill to attend The Gifted Blood Academy. It’s the only school where students from every species can mingle and learn together.Mischief follows the students into their sophomore year however, and strange occurrences mar what would be a once of a lifetime opportunity. Buildings disappear and the land begins to decay as magic on Ytherynia starts to fade away.Will the magical menace be resolved in time to save Ytherynia before it ceases to exist? Can everyone band together and work through their differences, or will Ytherynia, and everyone in it, suffer a horrible demise?

Stories by Best Selling Authors include:

Into the Wild by J.R. Ganske and Heather Fleischman

Magick and Mayhem by Stacey Thompson

Born for Death by Megan Grooms

Into the Cavern by Angela Nicole ChuA

Look at my Inner Fae by Sherry Hutchison

Immortal Alliance by Diane Riggins

A Shifter’s Dilemma by Marsha Black

Pixie Unity by Astrid V.J.

The Dark Tide by Maria Vermisoglou


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