Alpha Queen: Limited Edition Female Alpha Collection

Every Pack needs an Alpha…
In a pack, you answer to the Alpha, without question, but what happens when you don’t want the job? Or when the other wolves are against you?
It’s never easy being in charge, but for these Alpha Queens, it could prove deadly…
This collection of paranormal and urban fantasy tales explores the world of werewolf packs and female Alphas. Our heroines will face their deepest fears, darkest urges and terrible betrayals, but a Queen always comes out on top.
A Limited Edition Female Alpha Collection

Featuring stories from –

★USAT Bestselling Author S. K. Gregory
★Lore Nicole
★Ashlee Sinn
★Diane Riggins
★Elvira Bathory
★USAT Bestselling Author D. C. Gambel
★Toasha Jiordano
★Zelda Knight
★NYT Bestselling Author Zari Hunt
★Naomi Panthera
★Fiona Zedde
★DJ Shaw