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Indie Block Party #8-Social Media and Networking Tips


Thanks to Fel and Dawna for hosting. The complete list of participants can be found here. It’s the final day of the Indie Block Party. I had a blast meeting new friends along the way. 🙂

Today’s topic is Social Media and Networking Tips. I use Facebook(author page), Google+, and Twitter.  

I like using all 3 sites. I don’t have a real preference but if I had to choose I would say I prefer Facebook over the other two. I guess the reason I prefer it to the others is because I’m on it all the time either checking my author page or playing games via my personal page.

Do’s and Don’ts:

  • Don’t spam your followers with updates about your book every minute.
  • Do try to be respectful when leaving constructive criticism or comments.

There is a Facebook group and a site I highly recommend. The Facebook group is called Writer Unboxed. The site is called She Writes. I’m a member of both and the info and advice I’ve gotten from people is great. 

Hope you find these tips helpful. 🙂


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Indie Block Party #7- Writing Tips


Thanks to Fel and Dawna for hosting. The complete list of participants can be found here. Today we were to share writing tips and advice.

My tips to other writers:


For example, I do both. I find myself plotting some of my books. With other books I was pantsing the whole thing. I’m happy doing both. It’s all up to you and how comfortable you feel when writing.

One thing I wished I had known when I started writing was that it’s okay to write in different genres. I was told by people to find a genre I was comfortable with and stick to it. I can’t do that. I love writing in the different genres I write in. I feel that if you stay in one genre too long you can become bored with it and hit a wall with the story you’re writing. It’s happened to me a few times. I find starting a story in a genre I’ve never written in before is exciting and gets the creative juices flowing again especially if I’m at a standstill with a story.

Well, this is the end of my tips and advice. Please feel free to share your thoughts and tips in the comments section. 🙂


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Indie Block Party #6-Top Five Books

Indie-block-party-1024x717 Today we were to talk about our top five favorite books. Okay, so my list has more than five on it. I couldn’t pick just one book by any particular author.

1. Sookie Stackhouse Series-I love this series by Charlaine Harris. The first story I read was a short story in an anthology and loved the character. Reading the story led me to reading the series. I love True Blood as well. I have the first 3 seasons on dvd.

2. The Dark Hunter Series-Sherrilyn Kenyon.  I came across this series while looking at new books at the library. A copy of the fourth book was on the shelf and I picked it up and read the blurb. It immediately caught my attention. I’ve been reading the series ever since.

3. Anita Blake Series-Laurell K. Hamilton. I absolutely love this series. It became one of my favorites after reading the third book in the series. As with other series I have read I went back and got caught up.

4. Harry Potter Series-J.K. Rowling. I read the first book of the series after seeing the movie. I wasn’t going to read any of them at first but after reading the first one I was hooked on the series. I have all the movies and will soon finish up adding the books to my book collection. 

5. The Mortal Instruments Series-Cassandra Clare. I started reading this series because the movie was getting ready to come out and the trailer for it caught my attention. I picked up a copy and read it. I have spent most of the summer reading the series and the other series The Infernal Devices. 

6. The Dresden FilesJim Butcher. I was turned onto the Dresden Files books by a friend of mine who is a fan. She lent a copy of his earlier books in the series to read. I was hooked. I love the character Harry Dresden. I’m waiting patiently for the next book to come out. 

7. Mercy Thompson Series-Patricia Briggs. I first came across her books when I picked up a copy of Iron Kissed at the library a few years ago. I read it and loved it. I spent the next few weeks after finishing it catching up on the rest of the series. 

I could’ve added a lot more authors to the list. I have a lot of faves. Can’t wait to see who some of your faves are.

Thanks again to Fel and Dawna for hosting. The complete list of participants can be found here.



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Indie Block Party #5-Book I’m currently reading


Thanks again to Fel and Dawna for hosting the blog hop. The list of participants can be found here.

As part of the Indie Block Party we were asked to talk to about the book we’re currently reading.

Photo credit

Photo credit

The book I’m currently reading is Clockwork Princess which is Book Three of The Infernal Devices series by Cassandra Clare.  It’s about Tessa Gray who lives in London at a Shadowhunter Institute. She has a lot of decisions to make and some of them maybe heartbreaking to her and others around her.

I discovered the book after reading The Mortal Instruments series. I love both sets of books.  I highly recommend both sets to anyone who hasn’t had a chance to read them.


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Indie Block Party #4-Interview with Courtney Young


Thanks again to Fel and Dawna for hosting this fun little blog hop.  The list of all the participants can be found here.

Today, I had the great pleasure to interview Courtney “Court” Young for the Indie Block Party. courtyoung She is the author of The Sophisticated.

What books have influenced your life the most?

Hands down, the Harry Potter series. I don’t think reading really changed or impacted my life until I delved into those books. JK wrote directly to my generation and created characters that were so compelling I wanted to be friends with them. Since that series, I haven’t quite been the same. Only if magic were real, the good guy always won, and everyone lived happily ever after!

If you had to choose, which writer would you consider a mentor?

Dawna Raver. She wrote Colour Wielders (which will re-release on August 21st). Dawna is one of those authors who would do absolutely anything for me. She’s been the best critique partner a gal could wish for, and goes out of her way to promote other authors. She’s been there and done that, so I know that if I have any questions, she most likely knows the answer. She also keeps me in check on a regular basis!

What 3 words describe the author you want to be?

Inspiring, creative, and fun. It seems to make the reader experience more enjoyable when authors are a combination of those things.

If you could be any character from any book, who would you be?

Hermoine Granger (do you see a pattern here? :grins:) She has her flaws, saves the day on occasion, and genuinely cares for other people (and house elfs!). Did I mention, she is kick ass at performing magic? That’s a requirement!

When did you first consider yourself a writer?
After I finished my third draft of After the Woods (yes, third) and ended with about 85k words. Although the story will never be published, I knew then that I was a real writer. I did have the Pinocchio experience (I’m a real writer!) after I edited for months, and let the story be all encapsulating. I knew that either I was mental or a writer. I chose the writer title!

Do you have a specific writing style?

If one could consider being a neo-panster a writing style, then yes! I will get crazy story ideas on the whim and have to hurry and type them in my phone. I say neo because after the initial sparks fly, I will write a basic plot. I don’t track what happens in every single chapter, but more of an overall plot. I don’t completely write by the seat of my pants anymore. Having some direction is necessary for me. I learned that the hard way.

What’s the BEST writing advice you ever received?

Giving up isn’t an option. To be better, it takes hours and countless chapters (or novels) of practice.

Any writing advice you’d like to give to others?

Write and most importantly let people read it. I know it sounds so cliché’ and everyone always says to “write”, but honestly one cannot hone their skills unless they get out there and do it. It’s amazing how much a person can learn by trial and error, researching, and reading others works. When I first started this amazing literary journey, I had no clue what I was doing. I say let people read it because you may think your writing is the best thing since cadberry eggs, but everyone thinks their baby is cute. Choose someone that has a critical eye, will tell you the TRUTH about what is working and what isn’t. My critique partner (Dawna Raver) has brought my writing to a level I don’t think I could have achieved alone. Don’t be a closet writer! Letting people read your stories can be scary and you may not always like what they have to say, but in the end, it’s totally worth it.

Do you have a regular writing routine?

I wish I did! I have a full time day job (where I crunch numbers and fight spreadsheets), and I work part time for an indie publisher, and also help self-published authors market their works at Black Firefly. When I’m not busy helping everyone else, I write! I try to get in 5k words a week. Sometimes it’s wayyy more, sometimes it’s wayyy less. 🙂

She can be followed here:

Twitter |  Goodreads  |  Facebook  | Pinterest  |  Blog


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Indie Block Party #3-Character Interview

Indie-block-party-1024x717Thanks again to Fel and Dawna for hosting this fun little blog hop. The main list of participants can be found here.

For today’s post we were to interview one of the characters from our WIP. I interviewed Jade Riverholm, the main character for Dark Fury. Here are her answers.

Before your story began, what were your hopes for the future? What changed that?

When I was growing up my hopes were to go to college and live a normal life like anyone else. What changed that was I lost several people very close to my family when I was a teenager and decided to help protect people whether they are mortal or supernatural.

Who do you love?

Stone Westwick. We can never be together though. He is the latest fugitive I have track down and turn over to my superiors. It also doesn’t help that we come from two very different worlds.

What do you collect?

I collect knives. I started collecting them when my father gave me my first knife when I was a teenager.

Who are your closest friends?

Sidney, Kale, and Tara. We’ve been friends all of our lives.

Who is your favorite author?

That’s a tough one. I would have to say my favorite author is Sherrilyn Kenyon. I love her Dark Hunter series.

What are your most prized possessions?

A set of rings that belonged to my grandmother, a knife my father gave me that had been his and had been given to him by his father, and a charm necklace my mother wore.


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Indie Block Party #2-WIP Intro


It’s day 2 of the Indie Block Party. It’s been great meeting new people. To check out the list of other writers taking part in this fun little thing go here. Thanks again to our wonderful hosts Fel and Dawna.

We are introducing our WIP today. My WIP is the first book of my new Fae series. It’s titled Dark Fury.

The idea came about for this story while I was working on another series that has to do with shape-shifters and the main character of this series kept popping up wanting me to tell her story. So, I stopped working on that one for a bit and started working on telling her story.

The story is about Jade Riverholm, who is a faerie hunter. She gets an assignment that causes all kinds of chaos for her. Stone is the assignment and she falls for him. Does she give into her feelings or turn him over to her superiors.

Here’s a snippet of it.

Jade knew she should’ve stayed in the bed that morning. Everything that could go wrong did. First, her car wouldn’t start. Then, she got handed a case she didn’t want but no one else would touch it. She sat at her desk staring at the folder in front of her. Stone Westwick was wanted in both the Fae world and the mortal world for all kinds of crimes.

I’m a plotter. I try to make sure I plot all of my stories. Sometimes it doesn’t work and I find myself pantsing especially if I’m really into the story as I’m writing it and I just let it flow out and then go back and set the main plot up.

This project is in the beginning stages. Finishing up plots and character bios. Have part of chapter one written.


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Indie Block Party #1-Introducing Myself


Thanks to Fel and Dawna for hosting this great blog hop.  Check out the Indie Block Party main page here. Today’s post was for us to introduce ourselves so here’s mine. 🙂

I started writing when I was in high school. I had to write a story for an English class and realized it was something I loved to do. I have several favorite genres. They are Fantasy, Horror, and Paranormal. I co-admin a group on Facebook called PARANORMAL UNIVERSE: The True, The Believable, The Unknown. Check it out and join if you would like to. 🙂

My blog is about my writing whether it’s my books or my screenplays. I write Fantasy, Horror, and Paranormal genres. I also post reviews about different books I’ve read, movies that I’ve seen, and will be posting in the near future reviews about one of my favorite tv shows Supernatural when season 9 starts in October.

When I’m not writing I read, spend time with my family, listen to music, and play games on Facebook or Pogo.


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