Ytherynia: Gifted Blood Academy

Immortal Gift: Freshman Year

Angelynn (main character)

She is a mischievous vampire and loves to have fun. She is the leader of her little coven which consists of her twin brother Cody and her mate Bryce. She is 5 feet 10 inches tall, has blond hair and blue eyes. Her eye color changes depending on how long it’s been since she fed. She has a small scar over her left eye from an accident in her younger years. She loves to read, play video games, and write when she’s not in class or hanging out with her family and friends. Angelynn can read people’s thoughts.

Cody (Angelynn’s Twin brother)

Unlike his sister who is outgoing he is shy. He tends to only associate with his sister and her mate. He will talk to others if they are with his sister. It takes him time to come out of his shell and trust others. He is 6 feet tall. His hair color is blonde but a little darker than Angelynn’s. His eye color is a blueish gray color. His eyes change color depending on how long it’s been since he fed. Like his sister he loves to read and play video games. Cody can manipulate people’s emotions.

Bryce (Angelynn’s mate)

He is outgoing like Angelynn and makes friends easily. He is 6 feet 2 inches tall. He has black hair and green eyes. He can see the future. He goes missing during one of the dances along with a special vampire dagger. He has some struggles with controlling his blood lust. Angelynn and Cody always try to keep him on track.