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A to Z challenge 2017

Hi everyone,

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. Have been busy. Just wanted to drop in and let you know that I’m not doing the A to Z challenge this year. I decided to use April this year to participate in Camp NaNo so I can get one of the stories I’m working on finished so it can move to the editing/revising stage. It wasn’t an easy decision but I had to do what was right for me this time. I’ll be back for next year’s A to Z though.

Will still be posting during the month with updates and such. Actually will have some cool updates to post about in the next few weeks. That’s it for now. 🙂


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Writing Process Blog Tour

I got tagged to write about my writing process by my friend and fellow writer Nancy Gray who was one of the top 5 finalists in The Dark Crystal Author Quest.  So, here I go…

What am I working on?

My current project is a young adult fantasy/horror series. It’s about two vampire siblings who are living in New Orleans at the time of Hurricane Katrina and an old enemy resurfaces to try and finish what was started with their parents. The first book is about them surviving the hurricane and dealing with the old enemy returning. The second book deals with their back story and what happened to their parents. The third and final book sees the end of the enemy and their coven moving on.

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

Well, it’s similar to the Twilight series but with one exception my vampires don’t sparkle and they get along with the wolves from day one. The vampires and wolves in my series are a combination of a lot different types that are out there. I couldn’t say that they are more like what we think vampires and wolves are based on lore. My characters are modern because they live in modern times but at the same time they are very old.

Why do I write what I do?

I write because I love it. Writing is something that I love to do and I’m not doing it just to try and get published. I hope to one day be a published author. The writing gives me an escape from the real world for a little while. I love to get into the lives of my characters and start writing their stories. I write Fantasy, Horror, Paranormal, Steampunk, and Urban Fantasy genres because they are my favorite genres to read.

How does my writing process work?

When an idea hits me I start an outline and keep a notebook handy to jot down notes. Then, I move onto to creating a mind map of the story from the outline and the notes. After that, I set up the timeline and the world they’ll be living in. When most of that is done I start writing.

Okay, that’s it for my entry. I would have tagged someone but there are way too many to do that. So, I’m throwing out the invite to everyone to write an entry about your writing process. If you choose to participate please share the link here in the comments. 🙂



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My Writing Poll

Hi everyone,

Want to start sharing my novels with all of you. Want your opinion on which you would prefer. Will keep the poll up until Tuesday morning. 🙂


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Welcome aboard to new followers

Hi everyone, 

Just wanted to pop in and say hi and welcome aboard to all the new followers. Will post some new things soon. Have a great day!


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Made the move to WordPress

Everything is changed over now. Look forward to making other changes and such. Will update my writing soon. 



Moving to wordpress

Hi everyone, I’m in the process of moving everything to wordpress. Please join me there.



My writing and changes to the site

Hey everyone,
Just wanted to give you a few updates to what’s happening with me and the writing. Right now, I’m rewriting the first series and starting to work on Book 3 of first series.
Have a new series on the horizon as well. It will be about wolves. I’m just starting to make outlines and work on the plot, make notes and such. Will keep you posted.
Will be working on a couple of screenplays as well. More about those later.
Added a new page to the blog called My Book Reviews. Have added 3 book reviews to the page. Took off the published work page for now. Also, changed my sample writing page to my writing with a list of my books and screenplays and their status. 

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Writing Update

Outline for book two is moving along. Have about half the book planned out. Worked some on book one today. Made a few changes to it and then worked on the outline for book two. Need to work on a horror screenplay I’m writing. Haven’t worked on it in a few months. Have been spending the time getting book one ready for revisions and outlining book two so I can write it in November.

Will be posting some book reviews as soon as I can. Personal life and getting ready for NaNo among other things haven’t allowed me to get them written and ready to post just yet. Hope to start posting some of them in the next week or so. Going to work on book two outline some more now. Have a good weekend everyone.


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My Writing

I have been reworking my query letter based on suggestions I have received. I’m also working on rewriting book 1 of the series and work on book 2 to get it started. I will post snippets of book 1 soon.  Thanks to everyone who started following  me over the last few weeks. Hope I can keep you entertained as I go through this journey I am on to write my books.



My Book Series

Well, I’m now working on rewriting book 1 in the horror series I’m writing. Have started outlines and making notes on book 2. Book 1 is tentatively titled Blood and Water. Book 2 is titled Fire and Ice. Haven’t come up with the title for book 3 yet. Hope to be able to send book 1 out for submission soon. Will keep everyone posted on the progress of the series.