Virtual FantasyCon 2016


Thank you to all our participants for this year’s blog tour. The list of participants is below. 🙂


Sept. 26th- Dee-Scoveries

Sept. 26th- The Maze of Twisty Passages

Sept. 26th- Writing and Fighting

Sept. 26th- Drops of Ink

Sept. 27th- T S Paul

Sept. 27th- Paws 4 Thought

Sept. 27th- Renee Writes

Sept. 28th- The Black River Chronicles

Sept. 28th- Welcome to the Wasp Nest 

Sept. 28th- Andy Peloquin

Sept. 28th- Hot Off the Shelves

Sept. 28th- The Wizard’s Workshop

Sept. 28th- Jae Byrd Wells

Sept. 29th- Jena Baxter Books

Sept. 29th- Diane Riggins

Sept. 29th- Ellen Mae Franklin

Sept. 30th- The storyteller

Sept. 30th- Marsha A. Moore

Sept. 30th- Urbanhype 101

Sept. 30th- Emotion in Motion

Sept. 30th- On The Ragged Edge

Sept. 30th- Lesley Donaldson, Writer

For more info about the con go to Virtual FantasyCon