#IWSG: Pre-order and Writing Update

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Thanks to Alex for hosting this each month. Here is the complete list of participants.

Hi everyone,

I can’t believe it’s June already. Where has the year gone? I have sent the Alpha story off to the editor. There is a short story that introduces the female main character to readers that I will share the link for once it goes live in June. Also, submitted my second article to the editor for my Worlds without Women column. I will share that link as well once it goes live.

The writing has been great. I’m almost finished with my story that involves witches and shifters titled Witch’s Curse. It will be released in July. I’ll add the pre-order link for it in the next few weeks. There are several other stories being released later this year along with my first kindle vella serial. I have begun to outline a serial for the website as well. I plan to begin posting later this summer hopefully.

The first few weeks of my Tolkien class has been interesting but also fun.

The Alpha Queen set is up for pre-order. My untitled Alpha story will be included. I will post the title once I come up with one. This one has been hard to create a title for. It keeps changing as I write.

Every Pack needs an Alpha…
In a pack, you answer to the Alpha, without question, but what happens when you don’t want the job? Or when the other wolves are against you?
It’s never easy being in charge, but for these Alpha Queens, it could prove deadly…
This collection of paranormal and urban fantasy tales explores the world of werewolf packs and female Alphas. Our heroines will face their deepest fears, darkest urges and terrible betrayals, but a Queen always comes out on top.
A Limited Edition Female Alpha Collection

Featuring stories from –

★USAT Bestselling Author S. K. Gregory
★Lore Nicole
★Ashlee Sinn
★Diane Riggins
★Elvira Bathory
★USAT Bestselling Author D. C. Gambel
★Toasha Jiordano
★Zelda Knight
★NYT Bestselling Author Zari Hunt
★Naomi Panthera
★Fiona Zedde
★DJ Shaw

Pre-Order now

That’s it for now. Can’t wait to hear from you. 🙂

2 thoughts on “#IWSG: Pre-order and Writing Update

    1. Hi Alex, thanks. I try to be. Some days are more productive than others and I do take a day each week where I take care of myself and don’t get on social media. I watch movies, read, or play video games. 🙂

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